Tuesday, February 3, 2009

late night run away

I don't know about your house--
but when the phone rings after 10pm it means its an emergency--
(or on those occasions when the kids are out they are calling to tell us a change of plans or ask to stay out later...)but tonight--when the phone rang at 11pm, all my children were in bed--
except unbeknownst to me one of my family members had run away.
They hadn't run far--
just around the corner and up the block,
to grandmothers house they went...
(use your sing song-ie voice when you say that line)
apparently i had not given them the appropriate amount of attention when i came in tonight--
i guess i assumed that they were upstairs hanging out, sleeping on the couch--
where they are not supposed to be....
whatever the case they made their presence known at grandmas,
and grandma who normally could sleep through a train running through her backyard
(not actually--but you get the idea)
or people pounding on her door, or calling her house--
only to be ignored because she was dead asleep--
heard the cries of this family member at her door tonight--
and she promptly called us--
on the house phone--
then the cell phone--
to tell us, not to worry that they were safe.
we didn't know they were missing????
So when did they leave? How did they leave?
Whatever the case, I threw on my bathrobe and jumped in the car
to retrieve ABBEY,the dog...
In the hast of leaving the house I failed to put on shoes and I think I stepped on something,cuz my foot is bugging me now.... keeping me awake so i can write this entry..
whatever the case--
Abbey is now home safe in her bed--
she was too emotionally distraught to talk about it when she got home..
I hope she realizes that at some point we are going to have to discuss this--
she needs to open up,
talk to us about what is bugging her
does she not have enough pillows?

or is it about the fact we dressed her up like a pioneer last year?

or perhaps little man was taking up too much of the floor?

Or that the bean bag needs more filling?

Perhaps we have not given her enough lap time lately?

She needs to let us know why she felt the need to leave....
especially at that hour of the night....

1 comment:

Michelle A. said...

Happy New Year! Long time no see.
Are you going to be volunteering for CE again this time around? I got asked to help if I don't get in.
Ok,well I wanted to say that maybe your dog smells the opposite sex. Hum? You never know. I had our artic wolf dog get out at times and 1-1/2 block away this pure breed wolf got out to our house as well.
Ok, well better luck next time.
hope everyone stays put. you have a lovely set up for him/her, so that is great! No need to run away!

take care