Thursday, February 5, 2009


I can go months with out eating ice cream--
Winter is not your normal ice cream eating months--
but the last few days it has been on my brain....

It started at 6am in the morning--
when it was still dark out....
normally, first thing in the morning, food has very little appeal to me
but on this given day
I was wondering why DQ was not open for breakfast..
the idea of a breakfast blizzard was appealing to me--
very appealing!
what a better way to get you calcium intake for the day out of the way--
but are they open at that time of the morning--
Most days i would not care,
but i am under the belief that if i have to be up--
I should have what i want at my disposal!
(heck you would think i was a teenager or something with that attitude)

Later that day i found myself in the bus again--
this time i pulled up to a light next to a truck
and it was as if the ice cream gods were teasing me.
I found myself mesmerized....
watching the man in the truck next to me enjoying his thick shake.
He would dip in his spoon and take a bit
and i would wipe the drool away from my mouth--
I think he caught me looking before i could look away.
I wanted to open my door and ask him for a bite--
but we hadn't been at the light long enough to develop that close of a friendship...
So instead when the light turned green we drove off
only to be caught at the next light together.

I needed some ice cream or someone was going to get hurt
I had ice cream on the brain....
which is similar to brain freeze only different.
As soon as I was done with the route
I found myself getting my fix...
I will be good for a few more months--
hopefully that will keep me from drooling
as i see those around me indulging....

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