Wednesday, February 25, 2009

thinking about the brain

Yesterday found me behind the wheel for many hours.....
Usually, continuous driving without the benefit of radio
or idle chit chat will lead me to thinking....
Usually, I mull over thoughts during these long periods of time
and usually, I come up with something random,
or profound or at least interesting to me....
But on this trip I got
my mind was a sieve
and anything that poured through it went out as quickly as it came in.
No deep earth shattering thoughts....
not even shallow ones.
No AH HA moments...
just driving with my brained turned off--
i think my Cerebrum was in sleep mode
it was rather peaceful
a quiet of sorts--
it made me realize that it is not often that i don't think
usually i have a million chagillion things running through my
prefrontal cortex
(that would be the multi tasking part of the brain)
but yesterday the only part of my brain that was working was the
Cerebellum (yes that is the smallest part)
and my brain stem--
they were kinda important to keeping me alive
and since i was in control of the bus
it also worked at keeping those in the bus alive as well.

1 comment:

Mom Jones said...

Eric would get such a kick out of that cartoon. I pray for him every day when he leaves for work. He loves his job though and I am sure he is a great bus driver.
Hope you are doing well!