Thursday, February 12, 2009

making it count

You have heard the statement
"if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around--does it make a sound?"
I have a new one for you--
"If you attend your children's function, but they don't see you--does it still count?"

Tonight i attended my daughters orchestra concert--I sat next to my husband and then I snuck out after she had performed to get back to work. Her group had done a wonderful job and i wanted to let her know. I didn't know what time i would be home and not knowing if she would still be awake or not i went ahead and called her. My husband answered the phone--
"Can i talk to dear daughter?"
"Why do you want her--is she in trouble?"
"No--I just wanted to let her know what a good job they did"
He got her on the phone and i told her the same thing...
"Were you there?" She asked
"Yes i was....daddy didn't tell you?"
Now back to the--"who's in trouble"......
At least he could have mentioned to her in passing that i had been in attendance...
he could have given me a tiny bit of credit....
Next time i am going to stand up--wave my arms and call out her name--
just so she knows, without a doubt that i am there.
Nothing quite like embarrassing them to get them to pretend like they don't know you...
which brings me to the next question--
"If your children doesn't acknowledge you--are you really there?"
Only time will tell.....

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