Sunday, February 1, 2009

last chance saturday

More and more i am realizing that our time together as our little family will be changing. When my kids were little it seemed that they would be around FOREVER--but i am figuring out that is not the case. I cherish those moments we get to spend together--all together. Doing the extraordinary to the mundane i realize that i need to take advantage of our time together--you never know when the "last chance" might happen.....

I got home late(or really early depending on your perspective) from Yuma the night before and my kids let me sleep in---not only sleep in but they got up and did chores—unsupervised-- because hubby had already left with middle child and little man to take her to her swim meet.
I love this independent adolescent stage....sometimes

After helping the daughter with her coronation invite and doing a few things around the house, it was decided that we needed to go to Last Chance to look for a dress. We convinced the two boys to go with us.
First of all let me say
Last Chance is an insane place, full of insane during the week---like the weekend should be any better? I love the signs that say if you fight over things you will be asked to leave or something to that effect. Also you can not—let me stress this CAN NOT go to Last Chance with a particular purchase in mind—you just have to take the luck---and we were not—lucky that is---at least not enough to make it worth standing in line for….(if you have been there you understand what I am saying)

We then met up with the other half of the family and went to lunch at Arriba’s Mexican Grill. They are known for their use of Hatch Green chilies—we like hot food---but I will say that this batch of chilies was HOT!!! Some of it was to the point that we were having problems eating it because after two bites your mouth was burning---ah chips—can’t go wrong with those—so even though the entree was too hot we left full. They had some balloons by our table---little man is OBSESSED with balloons—it is one word that he will say (in his manor of speaking) over and over again until he gets one----only ONE was not enough—he convinced our server into giving us all five—and all my children were thrilled—did they let little man carry the balloons---NO—he might let go of them, was their rational—so my oldest son had the bulk of them. You should have seen his face when he walked into the Yucca plant and the balloon popped.

They were cracking up (little man was not happy that they were abusing his balloons in such a manor and wanted to take possession) Then we got to the car and my oldest had taken a teal balloon—because that was the color she wanted for a dress—and wouldn’t you know it it came untied and floated off and up into the blue sky.

We then went to Best Buy as a family to get a new Wii game since I had some gift cards. Taking kids especially teenagers to Best Buy is like taking them to Disney land
—never a dull moment—
so much to see,
and do ,
and touch,
and play….
It was rather a fun afternoon.
While hubby and I debated a new camera—talking pros and cons, the kids were busy video taping each other and taking funny pictures—ahhhh the joys of technology.

Later that evening I went with the girls(the boys all opted to stay home and play the new Wii game) to see the high school musical—and no, it was not “High School musical”—They performed Willy Wonka and did a great job. It was fast paced (I have been to some high school plays that leave you looking at your watch wondering “how much longer”—but not so with this one) and really fun watching my niece as a Ompa Lompa.(did you know that Ompa Lompa does not appear in spell check—imagine that…) You had to really know what your Ompa lompa looked like in order to pick them out—they just kinda blended together and they did their song and dance.

Afterwards the girls and I went out for dessert.

They were being soooo cute and I wanted to get a picture of them together. I asked, and they promptly responded
—in unison—
I might add,
“What? Please just let me have a picture of the two of you---you both look so cute”
---again in unison—
---My children are not the only ones who can beg
—they had to learn it from somewhere—
so again I pleaded—
“Just one”
--which then my oldest turned to her sister and told her
“we might as well do it or she won’t leave us alone.”
This is the one I got….
I asked for another but I knew better than to push my luck—
and I am lucky to have such wonderful girls that don’t mind spending time with their mom….

We then came home to the coronation response---happy way to end the evening….
and then I came down stairs and saw this—
Little man asleep with his balloon---the two shall ner be parted—
Sometimes it really is the simple things in life that make you happy
They leave you with a smile on your face
Joy in your heart—
Like a day well spent with those you love
I am a lucky person
Who could ask for more?.....

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Annette said...

I LOVED it.... Our kids are growing up so fast. But I can not believe Jordyn will be leaving so soon. You are a great mother. One that I have taken many tips from over the years.