Saturday, February 7, 2009

emotionally drained

I feel drained....or maybe deflated is a better word? Sorta like the life has been sucked out of me today....Maybe that is a slight exaggeration...or not?

As a mom you are tuned into the pain of doesn't have to be only my kids that i feel empathetic toward--it is any kid that is hurting.

I have often drove teams to state games--and i have brought home winners and i have brought home losers--today i had a team that lost. They were the #1 seed for state and they lost in the final minute of the game. You could tell the magnitude of the game by the intense quiet that was present during the ride home. There were tears---and heartache felt for the young lady who had been the goal keeper. The pressure she felt for the lose was like no other. You can say "it's just a game", but for this group of young woman it was what they had been working toward for their entire high school career. Many commented that this would be the last game they played--an ending of an era--and not the way they had pictured it.

I am also still reeling from the thoughtlessness of my daughters friend--only i don't think it was entirely thoughtless--i think it was planned and that makes me even madder and knowing that others are going along with it really torques me as well.... She on the other hand, is dealing with it so much better. She just shrugs her shoulders and says "whatever". She is determined to have a good time and won't let someone else rain on her proverbial parade. Sometimes I think it is harder watching someone else go through trials than actually dealing with them yourself--

Tonight will be better--i am going on a date--a group date--with my daughter and her date and his parents--which also happen to be our friends. I know it is not exactly what she had in mind when she asked him out--but i know i am looking forward to it--should be fun.
I NEED some fun!

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