Monday, February 23, 2009

No blood for you

I am a strong spirit.
I have always hated being told what to do.
And more than being told what to do,
i really--i mean really
hate being told what i can't do.

Being raised as the only girl in a house full of boys, I never knew that there where things i shouldn't/couldn't do because i was a girl. I never let being a girl stop me from doing anything a boy could do.In fact i loved to prove people wrong--just because i could.

Tonight however, I found out that no matter what i want--
--I am no longer able to give blood.--
I am being told i can't.
It doesn't matter that i haven't given blood in many, many years--
just the idea that if i wanted to
and knowing i would be turned away makes me a tad bit sad.
I had heard that if you lived overseas during a certain time period in the 80's-90's you no longer could donate--but i had never actually checked on it myself--until tonight. Sure enough--having lived on a military base in Germany for more than sixth months has disqualified me from donating ever again. Never mind the fact that i don't smoke or drink and have never used any drugs---Or that i was the one friend that was trusted enough to do a direct donation when my girlfriends daughter was having brain surgery years ago. No matter that i had given several gallons before i started having babies and was too busy being a mom to donate.
Now it is not an option...
Something so selfless and easy and yet I can no longer be part of this club.

It is one thing to choose not to
--on your own volition--
another to have the choice made for you.....


Kari Whiting said...

i totally agree that i can not stand it when people tell me what i can not do!! it drives me crazy!! especially when its about me and my kids and people say i can't do something cause it will be too hard. i just think um, well i have no choice and i want to do this no matter how hard it is. i'm sorry about the blood donating thing, i'll go donate in your honor.

middle age mormon mother said...

I guess you and I can save up our drug free, smoke free, drink free blood for each other to use in time of need. Hopefully we are compatible types. I haven't been able to donate for a few years due to the time I spent in England on my mission. I was sad when I found out because I think donating blood is a pretty easy way to do good and make a difference in the lives of others. I have enough, someone else needs more - I'll share. I am still looking for a replacement service that is that easy.