Thursday, February 26, 2009

state playoffs

I can't watch--
it makes me crazy
so instead i sit with my computer in front of me
trying to watch the game with general indifference.
I have found in the past that when i actually pay attention
my team has lost,
and i want these girls to win.
It is the state semi-final basketball game and my daughters high school is playing
and i am getting paid to watch,
and bring them luck.
I have been their lucky driver in the past
they have even said so--
and if i believed in those sort of things
i would have to agree...
but even with my "luck"
i know this is going to be a nail biting game--
of course that would be if I was watching it...
and since my computer is about to die
it looks like i will be....

I'll keep you posted

Tied at half--

I can't watch....
I can't watch....
gnawing pains are in my stomach
plus it is cold.
The air is blowing on me....
I wish i had a blanket.
My feet are freezing...
I should have worn socks...
My team is up by 11
up by 9
with 2:16 left....
two minutes is a L-O-N-G time.
A lot can change...
I need to quit watching...
I need my general indifference...
we are now up by only 6...
time out has been called
"calm down your game...."
I am trying to pretend that i am interested in this magazine article
I can't watch.....

It is over
my stomach has calmed down
my team has won--
they want their lucky bus driver to take them to the championship game--
only i don't know if my nerves can handle one more game like this...

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