Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prayer alert

Years ago i purchased this thing called the TV Guardian
it is designed to edit out bad language from movies and TV shows, and for the most part it has worked well--
I had one child who was very sensitive to things that he was hearing, and i got this in response to him--
but i also have enjoyed not hearing those words said in my house, and i can't help but cringe when we watch something without it...

You can choose the level you want it set to
Strict, Moderate, Tolerant
and each level contains a list of words that will be blocked
It also has subfilters that can be turned on for
Offensive Religious References, Hell/Damn, and Sexual References.

Instead of saying the offensive word it will substitute another one instead
actually it mutes out offensive phrases,
and displays a cleaned-up version of the phrase at the bottom of the TV screen.
The only problem is that it does not take into the context of how the word is used.

Take the word SEX for instance--
it replaces it with the word HUGS--
in this context it works
"So you went up to her apartment and had consensual HUGS"
then there is the context that bothers my husband
"So he was of the opposite HUGS"
it doesn't work so well.

Most of the time it does catch the offensive words
and i have gotten used to it.
When my kids have had friends over and they are watching a movie, on occasion they have had to explain it to their friends-- why the TV mutes and words pop up on the screen.
They don't seem to mind so much....
They just blame it on their crazy mom...

Here is the kicker
today i received a e-mail from this company
they are a christian company
doing there best to eliminate some of the evil in this world--
trying to make a difference
this is what it said:

Dear Friend of TV Guardian,

Tens of thousands of you have let us know how much you appreciate being able to watch TV without having to hear offensive language. Now I'd like to ask you for one more bit of support: your prayers.

After pursuing major cable and satellite providers for three years now, a major national provider is ready to make a decision. This could make TV Guardian available in your area, and to nearly 20 million current pay-TV subscribers.

We'd like to see this work!
We'd like to see millions of families be able to choose what's heard in their homes while watching TV and movies.

This will be the most dramatic move in that direction our company has ever experienced.

We have had at least six meetings with them thus far. A final meeting has been requested to negotiate TV Guardian terms, but they have been hesitating due to the current economic environment. They are right at the decision point. Please join us in praying that they will meet with us soon, accept TV Guardian and help make it available to America's families.

Thank you so very much!

How refreshing that we are being asked for something good to come from technology--that we actually might have another choice other than turning it off.... Even though i don't pay for TV (we have decided that the free airwaves bring in enough crap already--plus we're cheap and who has that much time to watch TV?) it would be wonderful to have the choice!

I know i will be including something else in my prayers tonight--it will be nice to be given a choice...anyone care to join me?

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