Thursday, February 19, 2009

the longest six minutes

today was the first day of state wrestling....
a rather intense--
heart racing--
heart stopping
kind of day.

Six minutes can be an ETERNITY
as in like FOR-EV-ER
(say it with me sandlot style)

i think those six minutes were longer than the actual time i spent giving birth to this child--
my stomach was tied in knots (again similar to the giving birth thing)
and then my heart would race
(does this constitute aerobic exercise because it was beating as if i was working out)
and then my heart felt as it stopped.....
and time just kinda stood still....
almost like an outta body experience
the seconds ticked off the clock ever so slowly....
How long is six minutes--
360....slowly....... moving seconds
when will this agony be over?......

I wanted to look away--
i wanted to watch--
torn and anguished at the same time
and for six minutes
i rocked,
and twisted,
and contorted myself in my seat--
occasionally i would yell
and i did drop my head for a moment
not wanting to see.....
and then i couldn't stand it and looked up--
by golly, if he was going to put me through this
i was going to see it to the end....

and in the end
i screamed for joy
(thus starting my heart again)
and my boys hand was raised in victory for the second time today!

Not a bad start for the day
and lucky me/us
we get to go through this again tomorrow--
and hopefully Saturday as well!

Did i mention that I also get to go through this with my nephew--
I guess we get more bang for the buck...
a two-fer
and my emotions run as deep and true for him as if he were my own--
i love that punk...

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