Wednesday, February 18, 2009

loss of wisdom

Prior to Christmas we received a note from the Orthodontist and while he should be sending a personal thank you note for all the money we have given him in the past, it was actually requesting that middle child get her wisdom teeth pulled.? I hadn't really thought about my kids getting their wisdom teeth pulled until i read this. They all seem so young--my babies....they barely got their teeth in....and then i got to thinking....If the middle child is getting hers done than we might as well have the oldest done as well--after all we don't know how long she will be on our insurance--(and since it is much cheaper with insurance we figured we would get the three oldest all done now. This week was the girls turn--it could have been easy to have them both pulled on the same day--but some schedule conflicts had them doing it on different days. This is what my oldest looked like on the way there--so happy--having NO clue as to the pain she was going to be put through (insert evil laugh here BRAAHAAHAHHHA and the evil wringing of the hands)
This is here in the same seat in the car on the ride home--

feeling a little loopy--

She spent the day drugged out with ice on her face.

We have determined that the use of narcotics is to make your stomach hurt so bad that you forget about any other pain--that is until you throw them up--then you remember how bad your mouth hurts....Not a pretty picture

Even with all the ice she had kept on her face she woke up looking rather "Chip-munkish"

or like she had been inflated like Violet from Willy Wonka
--minus the purple--
although the possibility for black and blue does still exist...

she did finally manage to muster up a smile

the younger sister had her wisdom teeth taken out a few days later--
she let me take a picture of her before the procedure
but has been camera shy since then...
her teeth were harder to get at and she has been more swollen and more bruised than her sister. She thinks it will never return to normal...
I really wanted to take a picture so she could see the improvement--
but like her, you will just have to take my word for it....

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