Sunday, February 15, 2009

Elbow grease

I have been a busy girl as of late.
Working my fingers to the bone--
I can never manage to do anything just "simple"
In fact i feel that the word simplify mocks my very being--
i would like to simplify, i think....
and then i realize that i like details...
the more the merrier.
Details make me happy...
I think of details as eye candy--
something to make you delve deeper into what you are seeing--

but that is not what i really wanted to write about...

I wanted to write about
yes, i realize that is rather a vague subject--
not one that is normally discussed in mixed groups
or any group for that matter--
but bare with me as i give you some food for thought.

In my painting endeavor I found out that i had gotten some red paint on my elbow
but not because i could actually see it.
Have you ever noticed that there is a spot on your elbow
that no matter how you turn your arm
it is not visible to the owner of the said elbow.
Recently I saw that i had paint on my elbow when i was trying on a shirt in a changing room--
some how, those mirrors give a much larger, more complete view than i am used to.
I twisted my arm to see it for myself--
since originally i thought it might be blood since it was red--
but when i could not see it and it didn't rub off i figured it was indeed paint.
I made a note to myself to remember to scrub that when i got home.
Apparently i did not do that great of a job since several days later
someone mentioned it to me again--
Again i tried to contort my arm so i could see for myself
and it was in vain.
You are not meant to view your own elbow--at any angle.
It made me think....
what other body parts are visible to others that we have no view of....
and then i quickly dismissed that thought....

So please if you are my friend--
tell me when i have paint in spots i can not see.
I will love you for it.
THANK YOU for your support....

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