Monday, February 9, 2009

too many scheduals

Most of the time i don't mind having five kids. It can be rather fun--crazy at moments--sometimes loud and i have learned to count to five really fast. It can be an adventure getting everyone in and out of the car and the laundry is non-stop. That aside, the hardest part of having 5 kids is trying to keep track of their on going, ever changing schedules. Nothing is ever the same-with 4 different schools to manage and the various extracurricular activities. Then there are the multitude of appointments that comes with having 5 children, especially one with special needs. I know some people resent those reminder calls--I resent when i don't get them... I need to be reminded..again and again.... Sometimes it is a wonder that i don't forget more than i do--thank goodness my head is actually attached--or then we would have real trouble.

It does amaze me that i actually manage to show up for work at the right time--since my schedule is always different it does get tricky--but somehow i do manage to remember that.In my 12 years i have forgotten one time--and that was because it was on a Sunday and i rarely to never work about outside of the normal?..(what is normal anyway?)

My children have learned that my feeble brain can only remember and process so much information in a day. They have learned to remind me--and remind me again of things, so i won't forget them. Just because you tell me the night before you still need to remind me the day of--or the hour before--and just in case mention it about 15 minutes before we need to be out the door...they have learned and we have adjusted. Little man is still working on his ability to communicate--so when it comes to his schedule i am required to remember it all...and some days i do better than others....

I knew that little man had an appointment this morning--I had remembered it all last week--but to actually remember it on the actual given day seemed to allude me. He got on the bus as usual and i proceeded to delve into my day--at 8:25am i remembered that he had an 8:30 appointment ( i am impressed that i actually remembered it before the actual appointment--even if it was only 5 minutes before) As i jumped in the car to go get him and I had the phone to my ear trying to call the office-I finally got a hold of the office and they said they cancel the appointment after 15 minutes (i knew i was going to be about 1/2 hour late) but i should try anyway--Since this was an appointment that was 6 months in the planning I really did not want to have to reschedule. Poor little man had to move it--fast. We arrived at the office 25 minutes after his scheduled appointment time--and they went ahead and let me check in. HOORAY! Everything checked out fine and we made an appointment for 6 months---for the first day of school--can you believe that is only 6 months away? Where does the time go?

After almost blowing it this morning i did look at my schedule and i realized i had a home appointment with little mans case manager at 2pm. I was so glad that i had looked as i had a few errands to run and i would have missed her....if she had actually shown up. I guess i am not the only one who forgets....Maybe that was why i almost forgot the appointment this morning--so i could be more sympathetic and understanding when others do the same thing to me....I am only hoping that i didn't write it on the wrong day and end up missing her later in the week......Did i mention how crazy life can be with FIVE kids.....

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