Thursday, July 3, 2008

four is the magic tag #

My friend Michelle tagged me--
so here you get the not so condensed version of
Four things---
I found some of these questions hard to limit to just four.
Did i mention that my volleyball # in High school was #4
--now you know something else about me.
And since i hate to put any pressure on anyone
(cause tags make me itch)
if you are so inclined,
feel like you've been tagged and give us something about cha'

4 places I have lived

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Colorado Springs, Colorado--
    my bedroom window looked out at Pikes Peak
  3. Germany
  4. Virginia

4 shows I watch

  1. The Amazing Race--I love seeing all the places they are sent to, and if i could swing it, i would go on it in a heart beat (and win)
  2. Bones (online)
  3. Greys Anatomy--guilty pleasure--although if they pursue this whole lesbian story line it might be the kiss of death as far as i am concerned--that was why i quit watching ER
  4. Good Morning America/Today Show--even though they are on different channels i watch them simultaneously--i am a morning news junkie

In the past i would have included LOST--
but it sorta Lost me last year
and i just couldn't find it this year,
at least not every week.
I tried,
but i was

4 jobs I have had

  1. Lifeguard/Swim Instructor--I loved teaching water aerobics--getting paid to exercise is the only way to go
  2. CSR/FSR at Citibank--basically a teller and then i did loans and new accounts
  3. Housecleaning--about that time i had child #3 and lost the motivation to work on my own house
  4. What should i put down for #4--HMMMM--i worked for a scrap booking company on the travel team going around the country to conventions---i no longer work for them but i loved meeting new people so much that i am working on something else currently. I will let you know if it pans out.......

4 placed I've visited

  1. Switzerland,Austria and Liechtenstein--i count that all as one since it was one trip--amazing beauty--nothing like waking up in summer with the alps covered in snow
  2. Berlin--before the wall came down--talk about feeling blessed for living in a free country
  3. Boston--went with friends and had a blast. Still laugh about the roundabouts and Plymouth Rock--that is something that you just have to experience for yourself
  4. Michigan--in the spring it is incredible

4 blogs I read regularly.

Let me just start by saying
those that blog regularly
get read regularly
--I also have to acknowledge Connie
since she gave me the motivation to start this.
she has been on a sort of blogging hiatus lately
--and i miss her insight....

  1. Tracy Armstrong--Lynn is my first cyberspace friend. She continues to amaze me! I don't us the word HERO lightly but she is one of mine. She is such a strong woman and continues to deal with all that life throws at her. If you haven't had a chance to read this blog--DO--it has helped me to see the many blessings in my life.It has taught me that you don't have to know someone personally to love and care about them
  2. The Pioneer woman--she just cracks me up--I love her pictures and who can pass up a good recipe
  3. Jen Brink--Love this girl--she is the sister of my dear friend(who refuses to get into this blogging stuff) and Jen is so insightful, wonderful and amazing--even in real life
  4. Kari Jones/Whiting--OK, so she has been married for three years--has two babies but she is still Kari Jones in my mind. I love that she is stepping outside of her comfort zone and taking us with her on this adventure. I shake my head in disbelief on how she handles those two little boys and love seeing them grow up before my eyes

4 favorite foods

Wow only four--how to narrow it down?

  1. Tomatoes with basil, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar reduced--I could eat a whole plate full right now--{that is if i wasn't lying in bed and if i had some tomatoes and mozzarella--I do have fresh basil and balsamic--somehow that's just not the same thing though}
  2. Manapuas,Chinese Chicken Salad,and a side of Potato Mac from Aloha Kitchen--Yes i am counting that as one thing--since it is a standard order when i go there

    Yummy! Cilantro just makes the salad

    {I don't normally like macaroni salad but this is the exception--yummy creamy goodness}

  3. Panna Cotta--i can't even begin to think about the calorie/fat content in this or it would ruin it for me

4. For my final entry i am going to go with the family/friend favorite of DEVIL PULLED TURKEY. It is our favorite way to use up leftovers. DELISH--especially when my brother makes homemade pasta for it!

4 places i would rather be

i find this another tough question--I guess because the possibilities are endless--HMMMM

  1. Any place cooler than here (Anyplace might be a bit general but you know what i mean)
  2. Europe-love those cobblestone streets
  3. Traveling around the US seeing the many historical sites
  4. Brazil--I have been hearing about it for 20 years from my husband and would like to experience it first hand

4 things

I am looking forward to next year

  1. traveling with my daughter on her senior trip
  2. swimming and wrestling season
  3. starting a new business with my girlfriend and meeting many new people
  4. getting out of debt!

4 things I do in my spare time

Spare time--what spare time?

  1. read
  2. scrapbook
  3. upholster for myself (like i said what spare time)
  4. BLOG--late at night when i should be sleeping constitutes spare time

4 favorite things

to do with kids/family

I love summer vacation because i love having my kids around

  1. Family fun day--no plans, no budget just where the wind blows us
  2. Go to the movies or a museum, play games
  3. Out to eat
  4. Car trips

    SOooooo, have ya learned anything new about me--earth shattering or otherwise? I think i am a pretty easy person to be around--I pretty much like everything and everyone and want to see it and experience it all!!!


Denise said...

ok, so I was part of your more than one part!! Hope you're having fun on the a few days, it's our turn!! Have fun, I miss you!!

sandalloons40 said...

great, it feels neat to tag.

i want to work again so I can put heavy money away for our Mexico trip come Christmas. I need to find something as it has to fit my schedule, if not I will stay home. LOL

My poor husband is homesick for 4 years and works alot. I have not been to his own house he built ever in Jalisco.

I hope we can.