Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to Chicago

I am off.
Off to Chicago.
Thought i might pick up a pizza or two.
Maybe see the Sears Tower
Say Hi to Oprah,
or swing by Michael Jordan's house
(probably not--actually, definitely not)
But i really am off to Chicago.
I will get to spend the next few days
hangin' with my girlfriend from N.C.
and working on a business plan
for this next year.
We are going to CHA.
(Craft and Hobby Association--Wholesale show)
I am really excited about this whole trip,
I have always wanted to see Chicago,
so here is my chance.

Between this trip,
Driving the kids to EFY next week in Vegas
continuing on to Utah
to spend the week with my dad
I will only have one week left before the kids are back in school.
This summer has moved at warp speed.
And I have not accomplished much of anything i wanted to.


I will say that in the process of not accomplishing a whole lot--
I have had a lot of fun--
There are not many more summers with everyone home to enjoy--
I will take them as they come.
One day at a time.........

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Melanie said...

Ok I'm trying not to be jealous. Have fun!!