Monday, July 21, 2008

People on airplanes

I am a self described people watcher.
What a better place to watch people than at an airport.
I look around with curious intrigue,
and I wonder why people are traveling.
(but i am not curious enough to strike up a conversation)

And i can't help but find family dynamics interesting.

As i boarded the plane and sat down,
there were some teenage girls sitting behind me.
Based on their conversation (argument) i felt like i was home.
If you have teenage daughters--you know the argument

hte one about who wore what last,
and who got dirty.
It kinda cracked me up,
and i couldn't help but look at them
I then told them if i wanted to listen to arguing
i could have brought my kids with me.
They had a rather sheepish look on their faces
and got real quiet.

Unless i am with a friend or family,
I like my space when i fly.
I like to isolate myself and tune out the rest of the plane.
Give me a window seat,
my noise reduction headphones,
and my pillow.
And i am perfectly content.

Prior to boarding the plane
I find out how full it will be
and base my odds of an empty seat next to me
on that information.

If i know there will be empty seats
I strategically place my bag in the middle seat
and avoid making any eye contact
(less they think i am friendly)
And i am a bit embarrassed to say
that it usually works.

It's not that i don't like to talk
or meet new people
I am usually tired
and don't want to think.
I don't want to have to be "ON"

Except for my flight home from Chicago.....
I knew I would not have my quiet time
when a woman proceeded to sit down in the aisle seat
and introduce herself.
Then another woman sat in the middle seat
and conversations were started
and i was involved.
Involved in their lives.
The womna in the aisle seat was recently divorced
and had attended a wedding of a family member.
Her ex had been there--with his new girlfriend.
The woman in the center seat
was flying out for a funeral
of a friend who had been murdered
Not exactly what you expect someone to say
when you ask them about their trip.

We conversed about
Kids and Life.
And when all was said and done,
I was thanked.
The woman in the middle seat
appreciated us taking her mind off the reason
she was taking the trip.
She appreciated our sorrow for her circumstances.
It made me appreciate
how quickly life can change
and to appreciate the many blessings i have in my life.

So despite the fact
that my routine had been disrupted
and i had been sucked into others lives
for even a few hours--
I am glad for the experience--

I just don't want it every time i fly....

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