Sunday, July 13, 2008

UPDATE-on leaving mexico

We had the missionary's for dinner tonight.
We were only supposed to have the Spanish speaking elders
but we ended up with a couple extra.
They are such cute young men.
One hails from across the border in San Luis--Mexico.
(Yes that would make him Mexican)
His mission boundaries go to the American side of the border in San Luis.

He commented that the only thing keeping him from home
was a large wall and a line of cars.

Since i had his attention and Spanish is his primary language
i posed some questions to him about everything that was being sold at the border.
Hey was a wealth of information about all things Mexican
(go figure)

Those lovely animals
that i thought were lawn ornaments or something--
Not so.

They are piggy or more correctly a burro bank.
I think i will have to pick one of those up next time i am down there.

And we had an in depth discussion about the flavors of smoothies

Just to see how my Spanish was
i asked him about the flavors i knew--and i was right!
When it comes to food
my Spanish ROCKS

Just let me order for you some time.

I continued with my Spanish lesson inquiring about the things i did not know,
and he was quite informative
until it came to the EXQUIPI flavor.
He had NO CLUE what it was.
I think they just put that on there sign to make us feel stupid .
Made up words should NOT be allowed.
And then he was laughing at me about my picture of my Aztec guy

he said that people just dressed that way to get money from us.
{taking advantage of us gringo tourists}
Yeah, well they were too far away for me to buy anything,
so there--
they didn't get any of my money.!?

Remember i saved it for the Mexican Santa Claus

If your not good

he leaves a hard stale churro in your stocking.

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