Friday, July 11, 2008

FAMILY PICTURES--othewise known as a plot to make everyone miserable

A few years back, second son broke his tooth--
just before Christmas.
I had wanted to take some family pictures on Christmas day
{since it was a Sunday
and they would all be dressed up in their Christmas clothes.}
Plus I had told them that they couldn't open presents,
until we had taken pictures
and I was satisfied with the results---

{yes, I am an evil mother}
that was all I wanted for Christmas—
a good family picture.
It is amazing how co-operative ones family can be
when you hold Christmas presents over their heads.

So once again i planned a family picture
while we were at the beach.
And once again the same son
breaks his same tooth and chips a new one.
{this tooth is getting rather expensive--
between being fixed twice
and then the emergency root canal on it.}

So this is one of the many things i am up against
when i want a family picture.
Beyond the tooth thing,
is really the major obstacle that i have to work with.

Notice the child in the center--
looks like a police line up--
and then you have bug eyes up on the right--
{why he thinks that is an attractive look is beyond me.}

I have many more pictures like this lovely one--
but i will save you the pain of actually seeing them.

Just the mention of a picture
will send my happy children in a tailspin.
I would like to think that we are a pretty happy family.
We enjoy spending time together
and doing things as a family.
But when it comes to family pictures
you would think we were the Manson Family.
You would think that I was torturing my children
and a family picture constituted child abuse.
Family pictures brings out the
absolute worst side
of my family
{and it makes me a cranky witch}

There is the non-smile,
the bug eyed grin,
looking in the wrong direction,
hands in the face and then
the closed eyes.
Why is it next to impossible
to have 7 people all keep their eyes all open
at the same time?

Years ago,when I worked at a portrait studio
I was told that little children and dogs
were the most difficult to work with---
I am adding several of my
older children
to that list.

this was the best i got
before one child had a major meltdown
and went stomping off.
{Like i said--brings out the absolute worst in us}

We almost look a
family here

And just for the fun of it--
we got dressed and did it all over again the next day--


Kari Whiting said...

i just love reading your blog. i even took something you wrote about last months visiting teaching message and i'm using it in a talk i have to give in church on sunday. thanks for all you humor and keeping me laughing, your awesome!!

Melanie said...

We have spent the last hour checking out the tunes on your list. D Ray is being influenced to get more music cause he "needs" those songs. Just like he needs another hole in his head. But he claims that it is your stamp of approval since it's on your list and he doesn't own it.... I think we will probably pass on the barbie song and the punk rocker song though.... so I'm just writing to say thanks for well you decide.