Monday, July 7, 2008

Drinking bad stuff

so many direction i could go with this post--HMMMMM

Spent the afternoon with a major migraine--the kind that leaves you bleary eyed and wondering if you can see to drive home. After cooling off,caffeine,drugs and a 4 hour nap i am able to function again. My dear sweet hubby came home from work and wanted to take us to the movies--when he saw that i wasn't too keen on the idea he took the kids and went to my moms and left me in peace and quiet. AHHH it was so nice. I attribute this migraine to the heat--it really did me in.

Let me just preface this next part by saying:
I know that soda is bad for you.
I know it is chocked full of calories
(i think it contains like 50 million TBSP of sugar--
or something like that)
I know that the caffeine is BAD for you
(Yes, i like mine fully loaded--
only on those rare occasions can you find me drinking diet)
and it has no redeeming quality to it.
I have been told that soda leeches the calcium from your bones
(to which my doctor said was not true)
Even the carmel coloring is bad for your teeth.
Bottom line--
Soda is
BAD stuff
and i know that i shouldn't drink it----
but i do
and there are times when
i truly crave and savor
that carbonated sweet stuff.
Take for instance when i was pregnant---
I totally craved
Mr. Pibb
(this is different than Dr.Pepper)
never drank it before i was pregnant
and i can't stand the stuff now.
Most of the time
i can substitute Coke for Pepsi.
But if i have my choice
PEPSI it is.
(Dear hubby prefers Coke--nothing like a divided house)
After spending the week in Mexico
I have decided that it is
Coke country.
And here is my thought on the matter.
If i lived in Mexico....
i think i would give up
drinking soda
(such a harsh statement you say?)
Let me just say that the
Coke in Mexico
and i DON'T like it.
I can't pinpoint what it is
I have known some people who prefer
Mexican Coke--
Maybe i should convince myself
that it is all
Mexican coke
and give up drinking this bad stuff
once and for all......
Actually the real soda culprit is
Mexican food
I just have to have a soda when i eat it.
So maybe i need to give up Mexican food,
and Chinese and....
well this is really a ridiculous point.
Because i am not going to give up food,
just so i can give up soda.
If only soda was healthy for you.
Then i wouldn't like it.....

Hey and just for some useless trivia
there is a cream soda
that has honey as an ingredient
I think that makes it healthy?
OK, i know that no matter how i sugar coat it
(like it needs more sugar)
i will not be able to convince myself
that this stuff is good for me.
If only:
i will be able to convince myself
that it is BAD for me,

that is really where the trick lies---
any suggestions?

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Whitney said...

You found me . . . and now I've found you. Great LeighAnn, just what I need . . . another funny blog that I'm going to become addicted to! :)