Thursday, July 10, 2008


I find language an interesting thing.
Have you ever just sat back and listened
to the way things are spoken?
Not the words so much--but the way things are said.
The inflections in language fascinate me.
I think i notice it more when a foreign language is being spoken around me.
(I was getting a pedi today--hence the foreign language comment)

And then you listen to little children
and the way they say things.
Even my non-verbal child
jazzes up his own little language
with high and lows.
{OH how i wish i knew what he was saying}

We all use this as a form of getting our points across.
I have heard that the way we say something
is even more important than what we are saying
This is one of the major problems with written words,
you really can't tell the tone of what is being said--
and therefore mis-communication happens on occasion.

And what about accents.
Some accents even when speaking English
are like speaking a foreign language.

Sit back--be the observer and listen.
Listen to what is going on around you.
At any rate i found it fascinating.....

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