Saturday, July 26, 2008

The ODDS are against you

I know some amazing women who are not married.!?

I often sit in disbelief

I have received a new knowledge
and am seeing first hand
what my girls will be up against.

Upon returning from EFY
my children informed me
that in their group of 34 kids
10 were of the male persuasion
and the remaining 24 were girls.
Now for my daughter her odds were even less--
since one of those boys was her brother


So for my son
the numbers worked in his favor,
but for my daughters
I am seeing that they will have their work cut out for them.

I hope that no matter what their future holds,
that they will continue to grow
and become amazing woman,
regardless of their situation.

I am thankful for those women that i know
that have set such a good example.
That have touched the lives of kids.
That continue to grow and improve themselves.
That are amazing.!
They are an example to me.
They inspire me to be better
It is something we all should be working at
regardless of the ODDS.

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