Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Have you ever done something
to scare yourself.
You know the kind of scared
that is not based in reality.
The kind of scared i am talking about
is the sort where really there is
nothing to be afraid of
but a seed has been planted in your brain--
and it grows
and goes wild.
{I often find myself in this situation.}
I have a really good imagination.
{some might say an overactive imagination}

As a teenager i had to give up scary movies
because my imagination was getting the best of me.
I haven't missed these movies,
and the self imposed terror they would send through me.
Instead i have replaced scary movies
with books that scare me.
I love mysteries,
and often it includes some suspense
and occasionally someone dying.
(What can i say i am a bright and cheery person)
The book that i am currently trying to get through
involves a Medical Examiner.
(so pretty much dead people are a given)
I have read other books in this series
and they can get rather intense.
I had started reading this book before school got out,
but had to put it down for a few months
until i got my wits about me.
In this book the M.E. is investigating a serial killer
(like i said bright and cheery)
that gets into the homes of woman through open windows.
So earlier this spring when i was just getting into it,
I was home alone one night
and i went to bed early.
My daughter who had been out babysitting was locked out
and instead of pounding on the door to wake me up,
she hopped the fence and knocked on my open window
and yelled at me.

Just short of stopping my heart,
Scared to death!

I decided that my life
was just a tad too close to the story line
{Life imitating Art.}
so i gave up the book till we went to Mexico.
How scary can it be when you are sitting on a sunny beach?
About day three
when things were getting intense again
It dawned on me
that we had
and were sleeping with the patio door open.
That would be the door that directly entered our bedroom.
That would be the door that was easily accessed
by any and all who wanted to enter.
Would i ever sleep like that in my own home?
With real police in my town?
And yet for some reason i felt safe
doing this in Mexico?
(Do you see the flaw in my logic?)
But somehow the thought of having it closed
made me feel claustrophobic.
Did i mention that this was the same Mexico
where we saw homes
that looked like something we would live in--
except for
the barbed wire across the tops of the roofs and such.
{This is a really safe place?}
Now ours did not have barbed wire--
but we did have a security guard
who i guess could look scary?
Needless to say
I have yet to finish the book...
so as far as i know
The killer is still on the loose.
I guess i should finish it
just to make sure he got caught......
And then i should change my reading selections.....


Jennifer said...

Oh I get it.

And as for the drinking bad stuff. My problem right now is wanting Swedish Fish. Ummmmm

AND your blog layout is so stinkin' cute! How'd you do that?

Kari Whiting said...

i have the same problem with my imagination. i have stppoed watching scary movies and even if its an action movie i still shut my eyes in parts i know my imagination would go wild about.