Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I need your wisdom

I need you my cyber friends.
Of any day to come out of the framework this is it.
It is dire--
{well not actually dire}
but it is important.!
Child #1
is turning 18.
I am having a hard time putting my head around that fact.
i swear it was only yesterday that i was bringing her home.
So sorry--
i kinda got lost down memory lane there for a moment.
This is what i need from you.
If this was your child
(we shall pretend this is, my oh so wise friends)
what word/s of advice
would you give this new adult.
What has helped shape you as an adult?
I figure it is never to late
to give advice
and maybe she will take it
if she knows it didn't come from me.
After all the advice i would give her
Always take your mom's advice.
I think that about sums it up--
thanks for your support!


Alli said...

you can be happy with the fact that I am about to turn 17 not 18!

Jennifer said...

I wish that at 18 I had a better grasp of who I am and the confidence to live my dreams. I'm getting it in my 30s and loving it. BUT there is absolutely NO reason why I didn't get it then... Don't let other people's fears/insecurities/judgments get in the way of being kind and pursuing your life's mission. Tap in to the Spirit first thing every day and let Him be the guide. AND watch and see! Cuz your whole life is ahead of you in amazing ways.

Happy Birthday!!! I can hardly believe it!! (Haven't I known you for most of her life???)

mindy said...

well miss jordyn
let's see, i will have to see you in person to dispense my advice.
happy happy birthday
18 was such a long time ago for me.