Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ode to JANE

While on vacation i watched Pride and Prejudice. I love these classic English movies. You really have to listen to the dialogue to find the subtle humor. I find that when i torture my family into watching these movies i am usually the only one laughing and pretty soon the only one awake.

I love the costuming and the traditions.
Not that i would want to have lived during that era--
being a woman
had far too many rules
for my liking,
and i have never been one to be contained to a certain role
just because i was a woman.
And yet i do enjoy the pomp and circumstance,
and how something as simple as a "touch"
could ignite ones heart.
Although the games that they played
are something that i have never enjoyed
being a participant in--
nor the gossip.
That is one stereo type that i don't like as a woman
--but we have centuries of this to overcome.

While i was watching it made me think about house cleaning. If you haven't watched the movie they portray the family as very human--with a mess in the house and laundry hanging out to dry. We are sooooo blessed with the many conveniences that we have now days to make keeping house so much easier--Washers,Dryers,Vacuums--cleaning supplies of every nature--it really is quite amazing when you reflect on the many chores and the time it took to accomplish even the simplest of tasks--

Now when i took the "Jane Austen" quiz i was at a distinct dis-advantage as there were some questions that pertained to "sisters". For Jane this was core in her life and her writing--having only brothers i had to really think about where i would fit. I can see myself in this character--a bit anyway, I am not sure i always let my head rule? But i do try to be discreet--If you enjoy English movies--try it out and see where you fit--kinda fun and interesting......

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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erinwillis said...

I need to borrow my mom's Sense and Sensibility. I've never watched it. Hey, could you email me Kari's email address? I guess she went private while I was on vacay. How rude!! erinwillis3girls at gmail dot com. Thanks, Erin