Monday, July 28, 2008

Time out doesn't work for teenagers

What was i saying
about being a bit sad about sending my kids off to school?
After today i am ready.!
Why is it sooooooo painful
and frustrating
trying to raise your teenager
to become a responsible adult?

Remember when time out used to work?
What is time out for an almost adult--
who is being rude and behaving poorly?
I am trying to help them in this transition to adulthood
I want my children to be independent--
and capable of making choices
and behaving in an adult manner.
They want the independence on one hand
and then in the next moment
they are wanting you to smooth everything out for them.
I want them to make their own choices--
I try to direct them--
give them encouragement--
use my life lesson wisdom
when i know they are floundering
and yet.......
the theme song for this time in my life is
and on those moments
i am more than willing.
Here's the door,
figure it out.
I have a feeling
that this is going to be a
Anyone know a good therapist?


middle age mormon mother said...

I can relate. Maybe when you find that good therapist he/she will offer group rates and we can all get a deal and figure these "adult" children out together. It was fun to see you and visit at the school. The pretty much only fun part of that experience I think I could say. Glad your back. I've missed your blogs.

Melanie said...

ok, I wanted to comment on the airport story you posted. i read it on my google reader. But to comment I went direct to your blog and for some dumb reason it is not pulling up that post--weird. So I'm commenting on that just not directly on that post. I guess I'm a co-Dependant scrapbooker---or maybe a social only or when the need comes up What I'm getting at is it's sooooo much more fun with you that by myself. I suppose it helps that you have enough supplies that it's like being in a store:) Anyway cute stuff I love it, great work!! Of course.