Wednesday, July 9, 2008

staying warm

I love HOT water.
The hotter the better!
I love being enveloped in the warmth.
There is something about being in a hot Jacuzzi
when the wind is blowing
and the weather is chilly
{and it is dark--so as to not scare the neighbors}
You get to the point where you are
so warm and toasty
that you can actually sit out in the cold
and not get cold.?!

I love that feeling of being warm to the core
when all around you is chilly.

Not to mention being able to listen to the waves
roaring on the cliffs just below where we are sitting.
That is the only water I am willing to get in while I am at the beach—
unfortunately the ocean is just a tad too cold for my liking---
like 30 degrees too cold
for my liking.
Go ahead call me a baby—
( i would have to agree)
It really won’t hurt my feelings—
because the bottom line is--

I really don’t like being cold—
make that
wet and cold
plain and simple.

I did mange to get my feet in
thanks to Alex pulling me along Plus where can you just hang out
and sit and talk with your kids—
the ocean is not exactly conducive
to having an in depth conversation while you are in it—
well unless you were on a cruise ship—
or a fishing boat....
but that’s not the "in" it that I am talking about.
Anyway, someone needs to sit on the beach and take pictures.

thank goodness for a telephoto lens
so i can stay wrapped up and warm
and i don't even have to move.......
that they are all wearing wetsuits?
What a bunch of babies...
Ya think?

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