Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time flies-father in training

I am looking at this upcoming week and feeling
and a bit sad.
We only have this week to get life in order
before i send off my brood
to school.
My children have lamented.......
[and i have to concur]
Where has this summer gone?
We have some back to school shopping to do
Several doctors appointments
including an ortho appointment
to get braces on daughter #2.
We need to schedule senior pictures
and get my oldest certified to watch my youngest.
Now that she will be 18
her little brother will become her part time job.
It will be nice for her
to get paid for all the things she already does for him.
I must say though
all of my kids are amazing with their little brother
{he does try all of our patience at times}
but he is such a blessing to our family!
He is training my kids
to be good mothers and fathers in the future.
Just today i saw a glimpse of fatherhood
with my 11 year old.
We are lucky to sit in front of a family at church
that has twins
and they are willing to share their babies with us.
All of my kids love to hold these cuties.
It is a good thing there are two babies
since sharing is already an issue.
So today my pre teen,
(sometimes smelly)
was holding the little baby girl.
She was standing on his lap
and they were making eye contact.
I was sitting next to him
so I was privy to the conversation that took place
it went something like this
"Averie, you are such a cutie
You look so pretty in your dress
Do you know what your dress says?
It says "Be Happy"
Are you happy Averie"
This conversation went on for several minutes
And of course the whole time Averie is giving him
her cute smile
and batting her eyes.
And my boy was lapping it up.
What a tender moment
to see that rough and tough exterior
peeled away
and to catch a glimpse
of the father he will someday be
In gives me hope
that he will turn out OK
That he will grow out of the silliness
that he sometimes possesses.
I know one thing fore sure
That as my oldest turns 18 this week
and becomes an "official" adult
time really does move fast
and before i know it
my goofy little boy
will be holding one of his own.
I can wait for that day--
We have a few milestones to cross off the list
before that happens.
But today...
He was a father in training.

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