Thursday, July 17, 2008

highlights and lowlights

We all know what a food network junkie i am
so with that in mind i had staked out some food spots
off of the show DINERS,DIVES and DRIVE IN's
I even map quested them.

So the FIRST day
we drove right to the WHITE PALACE CAFE.

Only to find that parking,
was non existent for this place.
they had NO parking lot
and all the places around the restaurant
had signs up that said things like


We did not want to run the risk of being towed
as many of the signs said that as well.
After driving around the block looking for somewhere to park
we found a guy to ask.
His reply was

"Good Luck, if you can find a spot--the food is good."
We felt very safe eating there--
As we were surrounded by a number of Chicago's finest.
The food was pretty good--
customer service was a tad
Why you might ask?
Well let me tell you--
since it has altered my entire trip
There are certain things that will always be an issue in my life.

Things that continue to cause me trouble.

I don't think i am irresponsible---
but when it comes to my cell phone.....

Yes, my cell phone was lost.

It slipped out of my bag
and by the time we realized it we were 30 minutes away.
We called my cell phone,
and someone actually answered it,
speaking Spanish (as our waitress was)
with the clanging of dishes and restaurant noise in the background.
And then we were promptly hung up on,
only to have a busy signal each time we subsequently called it.

I called the restaurant
and of course
NO ONE found it,
or turned it in.

All my numbers--
to me forever.

I will go on record saying
my husband was a good sport
and jumped through rings of fire
to get me a new phone before i leave on Monday.

He is a good guy
and loves me in spite of my phone issues
(i think he does anyway?)

So that's the worst thing that happened
I can't really complain to bad--
things can always be worse--Right?

And now onto the highlight of the trip......

While we were out networking
tonight we attended a party hosted by
Two Peas in a Bucket.
My girlfriend won the
and a grand prize it was.
She had others in the room turning
with ENVY
(myself included)
She won $500 worth of cardstock
i realize some will think--

what is the big deal?

But to a scrapbooker
that is like AIR.
It is a necessity to life.
It is the foundation to our creativity.
And what was her husbands response?

"Where are you going to put that?"

MEN--go figure.....

but i am loving mine right now since he is getting me a phone
and is not yelling at me for losing the said phone
and still loves me in spite of my "phone" issues

Now if i could just get back my phone numbers........

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