Saturday, July 12, 2008

leaving mexico

Just a week ago we were waiting in line
to cross the border back into the
good ol' US of A.
It is rather funny
that we spend the
fourth of July
across the border.
We still bar-b-cued and
we still got to see fire works--
up close and personal.

The boys--
{otherwise known as pyromaniacs}
set off explosives on a tiny sliver of beach
(since the tide was coming in)
for about an hour.

We sat perched up above the cliff
and watched the events transpire
--no crowds--
--no traffic--
--no heat--
In fact we were even wearing sweatshirts.
All told it was a great fourth of July--
and there is nothing like leaving the country
to really appreciate all the blessings you have of living in it.
I am SOOOO thankful
for this country
What a blessing that i was born here.
We are given so many opportunities--
and it is our responsibility to take advantage of them
and not take them for granted.
Many others are not so blessed.

This year we crossed back over a different border.
So instead of waiting for FOUR hours to get back in the U.S.
it only took us an hour.
Having crossed many international borders
I am still in awe at the Mexico crossing.
Organized CHAOS
would be my best description.
All the vendors are contracted
What a tough way to make a living.

I liked the guy in the Aztec costume--i wish i could have gotten a better picture but we were moving at this point--Dear hubby anticipated that i wanted a picture and was so kind to roll down his window There were many people dressed in these costumes
i am not exactly sure what they were selling
Here the jobs involve wearing many different hats--
The Madonna was a real popular item--
any possible way to make it gaudy and they did.
I am not sure how you use the burro and pig for decorating?
Are they for the yard or the house?
Maybe they are the ideal house pet--
Please, someone show me how to incorporate this in my life
I just feel like i need one of those.
They give you one more chance to buy your little guitar
in case that was an item you overlooked in your shopping
{talk about door to door service}
We were not offered one of those guitars
so i guess we will have to get it on the next trip

There were many choices of things to eat and drink.

How about a shrimp cocktail?
Here you had the choice of these fresh fruit drinks.
We were not sure what some of these fruits were.

How many can you name?

I knew about half.

We learned that NUEZ is Nuts.
Not sure I would want a nut smoothie?

We bought from this guy.
He had yummy sherbet like stuff.

The limon (lime) was the best.

Upon tasting it, we told him to go sell to my bro-in-laws car.
Coming back from their car he told us we were good customers,
and thanked us for the referral.
Who knew that even the border ice cream business is built on referrals.?!

(thank goodness for my children taking Spanish so they could translate for us.)

i love this guys tan face
with his
white hair.

Seems like he enjoys his churro selling job,
and of course we had to buy some.
Two words to describe

{Not a word you say? I beg to differ}

And just in case
you don't know where to get
a whoopee cushion
in the U.S.
you can pick one up at the border stands.

Aren't they the best .
We are talking real quality stuff.

Now being a border salesman is not all
fun and

Some have a real cross to bear.

We saw kids running around cars,playing and selling things.

Not the playground you normally see children at.

not an easy life.

Sometimes it takes a car ride
to make you appreciate your life.
Like i said,
I am thankful
and i am blessed.

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