Saturday, July 19, 2008


Contrary to popular belief
{or at least the belief of our husbands}
We have been working our buns off--
my feet and shins are killing me from walking
around CHA in elevated slip-ons
Normally i would not have worn those shoes
but in the effort to look cute
comfort is sacrificed for fashion.

We decided a few weeks
ago that we were going to make our dream a reality
or try to anyway.

We spent several days walking and talking,
and being the fun people we are.
It remains to be seen
if things will pan out.
But it won't be from lack of trying.

Regardless if it comes to fruition or not,
we did have a great girlfriends weekend!

Here are some highlights of the trip
{that has been a big one.}
It doesn't matter who,what or where.
We like to laugh,
mostly at ourselves.
We find that we often crack ourselves up.

Here we are with the SIMPLY SWANK girls
{That is SWANK not SKANK}

I had met them last year at Creative Escape
and i was lucky enough to have them give me a personal tutorial on soldering.
They can do some amazing things!
We had a great time helping them with the finishing details in their booth
and we enjoyed their homeless (with Coach purses) in Chicago stories.
They definitely added to our laughter
Oh the stories i could tell

I am not often star struck.
I figure most stars just put their pants on just like i do
one leg at a time.
But when it comes to

who are red and furry

I couldn't resist

I will go on record saying that Elmo was much taller in real life

And here we have "Tickle me Lisa"

Could you have resisted a face like that?
I am so glad that i was able to document this momentous event with a picture

There are some that would have doubted
that i had really met
in real life.

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middle age mormon mother said...

I never thought I would see you looking tall but you really do in some of these pictures. It's truly amazing!