Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today was a day of catch-up.

My new visiting teacher came
whom i have known for many years
and we caught up.
I love the chance we have to share gospel experiences
and learn from each other.

I caught up with my children.
We downloaded a bunch of pictures
and worked on recovering a disc that had been erased
(no luck yet on the erased disc--keep your fingers crossed)
It was so much fun to listen to the joy in my children
as they spoke about their experiences.
They are ready to go back---
or at least onto the next adventure

And then i caught up on my neglected hair.
They grey was getting to me.
I could no longer say that they were highlights,
It was GREY--
pure and simple.
But NOT any more--
Thanks to the beauty of color--
it is now cleverly concealed.

Don't ya just love being

caught up?

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