Sunday, October 12, 2008

adult scootering

While at church today
there were many who inquired about the injuries that covered my sons face
and how he got them.
It really isn't that exiting of a story--
Just the old
fell down
went boom...

Anyway, someone made the comment
that just the other day they saw and adult
on one of those scooters.
How Ridiculous--was his impression of the situation
an ADULT--scootering?
I couldn't understand his indignation at that--
big deal--right?

I now get it---
Grown woman--mothers with children
(isn't that what makes you a mother--children?)
Especially when it is late at night
and you have your purse on your arm--
because it keeps slipping from your shoulder
and your slip on shoes keep slipping off
(because they were not made to scooter)
should not be on a scooter.
I can only imagine how truly
i looked--
(don't ask)
Never mind the fact how ridiculous i felt!
Needless to say
i was glad this little adventure was done
under the cover of darkness
and it will not be repeated anytime soon.

Do i get bonus points for not getting injured?


middle age mormon mother said...

What?? No pictures? I bet these would have been a lot more exciting than the tire changing. By the way - I'm ready for a field trip anytime!!

mindy said...

leigh ann, since that post i have read 3 more books miss smarty pants! ha ha. i am a reading fool. how is life treating you? did you enjoy fall break?