Friday, October 17, 2008

Goldilocks of weather

For some reason
the weather in AZ seems to occupy much of our thoughts--
we don't just talk about it we live it--
it is an event.
Any major change
and it is a headline on the news.
It rains--
the wind blows--
the temp drops by 10 degrees
and we have a news story.
Maybe it is the fact that we are sure
that at any point our solid state
will turn to liquid.
If often feels hot enough to melt my fat---
(If only it worked that way)
But in those infamous words from people who don't actually live here
"It's a DRY heat"
(So is a blast furnace--doesn't make it any less HOT!)

In AZ we are never quite content with the temperature
We are like Goldilocks--
We whine---
(which is a valid complaint--as we drive with two fingers)
then the weather cools off for a day
and we complain
of course when we are making that complaint
we are not actually wearing a jacket or even a sweatshirt.
Do we ever feel the weather is

While it has cooled down in the mornings
(46 degrees the other day)
I still find myself turning on the air in the car
by the time the afternoon rolls around.
I have yet to wear a long sleeve shirt
because i know by mid morning i will be too hot.
It is like the Valley is going through menopause

While the rest of the country is having fall
we are still in the summer mode.
Our trees don't change color--
there is no crispness in the air--
and that "fall smell" is non-existent

With all that being said--
fall is here.
I can tell by
the winter grass being planted--
the fall/Halloween decorations being put up
the pool is actually cooling off--

Although the days are still warm
and the kids are still in the pool--
there is a direct correlation between the evening temperatures
and the water temp--which is dropping.
They don't turn on the heater on the pool
until after high school swimming is over,
so each day the water gets a bit chillier.
The other day when the weather turned "Cold"
the poor kids were unprepared at the swim meet
and were shivering as the got up to the blocks-
having learned their lesson
two days later at the next swim meet
they came prepared with the warm stuff
only to find that it was 20 degrees warmer.

One thing about the weather--
it does give us something to talk about,
and let's be honest
we wouldn't live here if we didn't like the fact
that you don't have to shovel

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