Friday, October 24, 2008

Signs of Change

Even though we are a land locked city--
and our area has been established for many years
we are still feeling the pains of change.
Recently they tore down a car dealership
that had been there FOREVER--
It was a large piece of property--
and i was afraid,
and worried,
and stressed,
and concerned,
that they would end up putting apartments on it.
I have nothing against apartments-per say--
I am just tired of the fact that any open space in our city
becomes multi family housing--
which means WAY more cars on the road
and a more transient city--
and we don't need more apartments.
Oh, how i could go on--
but i won't.
A large fence went up around the area
and since this election time--
many signs went up on the fence.

I get tired of seeing all these signs

Some of these signs promise change--
I find that very hard to believe.
As far as elections go i am a pessimist--
There is that old joke
"How can you tell a politician is lying?"
"He opens his mouth...."
Anyway, my most favorite sign that was posted in this area
was this one
Now that is a sign of change that i can get excited about-
that i can and will get behind.
That is a sign of change that i will embrace---gladly!

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middle age mormon mother said...

We'll have to take a field trip when it opens. Maybe by then I will have decided what I want to do with my kitchen. I'm glad you took a picture of the porta-potty on top of the building. Every time we drive by Gardell has to laugh about how silly it looks.