Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good hair day

It is not everyday that my oldest son lets me take pictures of him.
In fact most of the time that I have my camera out he acts as if I am the paparazzi and puts his hand up and defiantly says “NO”. If I try to push the issue I get the deep voice saying “Mom, I said NO", as if that is the end all statement and I should not try to push the issue. You can imagine my surprise when I complemented him on his hair one morning and asked if I could take a picture and he responded with “OK”.
Are you kidding me?
I normally like my boys with a bit of a more clean cut look—I am not into the longer “shaggy do’s”—but there comes a point where you pick your battles, and knowing that wrestling season was coming up meant a haircut was in the near future. On this particular day I actually liked his longer hair look—he was having a good hair day and actually let me document the fact with a picture.

notice the peach fuzz on the chin--kinda adds to that whole Shaggy look

I think he allowed the photo in hopes of when he wants to grow it out again that I will remember this—after all, now I do have documented proof that such a thing is possible.

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