Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cancer awareness month

It is October 1st--
This is breast cancer awareness month.
Really it should just be called
I think we have all know someone
who has been affected by the big C.

Years ago
I had the pleasure of a wonderful visiting teacher
that eventually lost her fight with breast cancer.
Even in the darkness of her fight
she still managed to laugh
and lived life till the end--
I miss her

Right now many of my friends
are dealing with cancer
in one form or the other
with their parents--
I also have several friends
who have lost a parent to this disease.
I have friends who have lost children--
It is a disease that
knows no boundaries--
it does not discriminate by age
or gender.
It does not choose you
based on your income--
or social standing.
Just the word alone
can shake you to your core--
it makes ME think--
on those things

that are really important in life.
Here is hoping
a cure is in the future!

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