Saturday, September 13, 2008

The women

I love the fact that we have birthdays.
It gives my girlfriends a reason
to get together and enjoy each others company.
It is sad that we are all so busy
that we have to have a birthday
as an excuse to get together--
but it is
and we do.

Tonight we were celebrating the
September birthdays--
We went and saw "The Girlfriends"
with my girlfriends.
That was the best part of the movie--
just the fact that we were all together.

Not necessarily a movie i would recommend
It had its moments that were entertaining
and I couldn't get over the way
Meg Ryan looked--
so cute, still!
It was actually a sad subject matter
Meg's character finds out her husband has been cheating
after her father loses faith in her
and fires her from the family business
and then her friend sells her out...
It made me feel bad
for those that really have to deal with these problems.
Then there was the token lesbian--
once again they want us to accept this lifestyle as the NORM.
Kinda creeps me out.
Also there was not a single MALE in the whole movie--
I felt like was watching a episode of the twilight zone--
And I hate to say it but....
Bette Midler looked like a man in drag--
not a flattering hair style on her.

I heard the movie from 1939 was much better
which wouldn't be hard....

After ward we went to dinner
and laughed and cried--
I am the only one
that is not dealing with a parent with cancer.
I am OK being left out of that club...
but it makes me sad for the struggles
my friends are going through.

Tonight I am thankful for
My girlfriends and the chance we have to get together--
no matter what excuse is needed--i know i can count on them!

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