Monday, September 22, 2008

frustrations and joys

Road trip to Yuma today--
all for naught.
I took two schools down
to play golf--
only when we arrived
the Yuma school informed the coach that they
had to forfeit--
They couldn't pick up the phone?
I realize it is a relatively new technology
with a little advanced notice it would have saved the kids
a day out of school
a long drive
not to mention the expense
of the bus?
As a taxpayer
this kind of stuff
to no end!!!
As a parent
I think taking the kids out of school
to travel all day
to play a sport
I don't think i ever got out of school early
or all day
to play sports--
These kids need to be in class--
they do not need to ride in a bus
all day(missing school)
especially for a FORFEIT-

I will now get off my soapbox.....

Just another thought on a happier note.

As i was driving i was talking with one of the coaches
about his son and my kids.
He made the comment that he couldn't image
having more than one child--
And i couldn't imagine
what life must be like only having ONE?
He asked if my kids got along---
I told him YES---
It is one of those things
that gives me great JOY as a mom.

I love to see my kids together--

It warms my heart--

It makes having more than one

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