Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Awkward conversations

Our children are growing up--
and with that comes questions--
awkward questions for us and them.
Only when they ask the question--
they do not realize that it is awkward.

Take the word
while it is contained in the scriptures
it is not normally dinner time conversation--
that is until someone asks--
(try working that word into your next conversation)
I don't even remember where the conversation started--
but it left my daughters running away
with their hands over their ears.
The poor son that asked--
even he was embarrassed--
and left wincing at the thought.

I tried to redeem the dinner conversation
by explaining that was how they were able
to tell the Jews from the non-Jews
years ago.
Somehow it did help--

One thing for sure--
our children can never deny
that we were not open and honest with them
Much to their chagrin
if a question is asked--
it is answered.

1 comment:

middle age mormon mother said...

When are you inviting me to dinner? Your dinner conversations are much more exciting than ours. At least more informational.