Monday, September 8, 2008

I am giving up for the day--
daughters melt down
sons attitude
and a cranky camera
along with computer issues
has done me in.
Tomorrow is another day
and hopefully i can get things to work
the way i want them to.
But for now--
I shall call it a day--
This week the mornings are coming early-
especially early for me--
I DO NOT like getting up when it is still
wish me luck!

This weekend we were asked to start a
gratitude journal of sorts
we have to find ONE thing that was GOOD
about the day--
sounds easy enough--
I can do that
It does not have to be anything earth shattering
maybe its just the simple things
we need to appreciate

So here it is:

Today i am grateful for
a little boy learning to swim--blowing bubbles
and sticking his whole face in the water--
and a wonderful SLP who works with him to do it--
(I will post pictures later--
when my camera decides to co-operate)


middle age mormon mother said...

It's been longer than a day. Are you ever coming back?

OK said...

I feel your pain. My kids spilled their water bottle on my camera and now it won't read the cards anymore. So I have felt totally lost. Cmas is too far away to wait for a new one, and so...I might have to break down and buy myself one now. Oh my goodness. It's sad. So I know your camera pains. We all have days like this. I have weeks like this. Daily new challenges come my way. Like when I have a 7 year old clinging to the door jams, and we are pulling him out the door FORCING him to go to school. Yikes.
I hope tomorrow is better for you.
Love ya, Lynn