Thursday, September 4, 2008

Adult decisions

Growing up is scary.
Making adult decisions is hard--
especially when you are new at being an adult.
We ask alot of our high school seniors
to know what they want to do the rest of their lives--
to know where they want to go to school.
And all of these choices are based on what?

I understand my daughters hesitation
in wanting to make these choices--
the idea of leaving home
and all you have ever known
can be quite daunting.
She has been dragging her feet--
she is the first born--
and i have not been entirely ready to push her out just yet--
I want her to be ready
I want her to make her own choice
to own it--
Not have it be mine or her dad's decision.
It is hard to sit back watch--
and wait,
and wait,
and wait--
but tonight we saw some action,
some initiative
some desire.
So with some encouragement and help
letters were sent out to various schools
with swimming programs.
We will see what happens--
at least it is a step in the right direction
at least it will give her some choices
something to think about--
and if there is someone willing to pay her
to use her talent
we definitely are in favor of that.
So once again we get to
Only this time the ball is in someone elses court.


Lee said...

Oh, I'm dreading those decisions. But your kids are great and I'm sure ultimately they will (and are) making good ones!

sandalloons40 said...

Wow, I think that is fab. I forgot to say I just love the lady with the laundry photo on your blog. For some reason I am not the antique girl at all but, I love anything old fashion with laundry. LOL

Could that mean that is all I do and so I want the washer/dryer area to be cute? Well, but, we only have a double wide and I would not know what to do with a laundry room.

Ok, so thanks for being a great, big, huge, fun, happy, volunteer for CE.

Thanks for hearing me out on the "clicks" groups that makes me nauseated. I can't figure out that part.

Oh well, you have a nice week!