Sunday, September 14, 2008

follow up to a birthday mishap

It is Sunday
the day of rest
and I have been.
I have been dragging tail this week--
that whole get up early thing has done me in.

A few weeks ago
I might have mentioned
just in passing
and ever so casually
an event that took place on a Sunday
that I managed to miss
due to an error....

I need to say
that my dear hubby
has apologized MANY times
and I did receive
(the next day)
a thank you note from our dear Bishop.

THANK YOU note you say?
Yes, a thank you note.
To boot it was a black thank you note
and it made me laugh.

It said
Thank you--
for not YELLING at me,
Having me killed
(Since murder is against that law--
I quickly dismissed that one--
plus that would leave the calling of bishop open--
and I would prefer he continued to have that calling--)
and naming me on your blog
(He said this would be OK)
as the other thoughtless male in the room.

He then went on to say
that he shared this experience with the other bishops
to be used as a learning tool
and that in the future
before any ordination is done
he will ask
"Where is this boy's mother?

Don't you just love:
when we can be the object of a lesson?
That we can learn from our mistakes
for the benefit of others?
That we have bishops
who are just doing the best they know how
and are not perfect--
that are human
and make mistakes just like the rest of us?

His note made me laugh
it brought a smile to my face--
and I know it was not done on purpose--
just a "humanly" oversight

So often we expect other people to be perfect
to do and say the perfect things--
but we are no more perfect than they are
and we need to be willing to look at that--
grow from that
and more importantly
LEARN from mistakes.
Ours as well as others.
The important thing is that we do LEARN--
that we continue to move in the right direction--
and when we make a mistake
to acknowledge it
and move on--
Life's lessons are not always easy.....

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Jennifer said...

Ah. Man. :-) You've got a great attitude!