Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A debate

Is it "vain"
that i took pictures of me changing a tire?
Inquiring minds want to know--
or at least i do.
Dear hubby says it is--
I say i was documenting my life
I thought it was funny--
not going for the sympathy vote--
I am even smiling--
What else is a girl to do
when she can't get a hold of anyone
has a camera
and a task she would rather not be doing--
Why, take a picture of course.....

Next question to everyone--
do you all know what
"the freshman 15" means?
I threw this statement out at my husband tonight--
I was wondering if my daughter was swimming next year
if she would fall victim to this plague--
He had NO idea what i was talking about--
You girls know what i mean--
Don't you?
Please let me know that i am not alone in this trivial knowledge.

Good night,
and thank you for your support.


middle age mormon mother said...

Surprise! Men don't worry about their weight nearly as much as we women do. Of course I know what the freshman 15 refers to. In Jessica's case she lost a good freshman 15 and then got it all back as a sophomore when we broke down and let her purchase a car.

Mom said...

I know what you're talking about!
I gained my freshmen fifteen at ASU way back in 1980. I actually thought I was fat back then. Little did I know what was in store for me some twenty five years later! Kim