Thursday, September 11, 2008

life interfers with blogging

As my blog states
much to the demise of my blog.
It's not that i don't have anything to write about
OH contraire--
I have too much to write about
things happening...
And then i feel the need to check up on all of you
and i am easily distracted
and forget what i was going to write about
And then the time gets away from me
and i remember i have to get up at 5AM
And i remember that i really don't do mornings
at least not that well...
especially not on little sleep.
(Do you see how i ramble on when the sleep is lacking?)
So i throw my blog entry in the draft file
and close up for the night
thinking i will get to it in the morning
and we see how well that has happened...
So be prepared
one of these days
entries will be popping up
and if i get my camera fixed
maybe even pictures.
One can hope...
to be continued.....
Today i am grateful for:
the chance to learn new things--
like how to make my own yogurt and grow wheat grass
probably things that i will never use--
but they are now filed in my brain for another day.....

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