Friday, September 26, 2008

dwell on the good

What is the price you are willing to pay
to stay cool?
Can you really put a price on it?
I mean when you are hot
aren't you willing to do or pay whatever it takes
to be COOL?
AC is one of those "priceless" bills.
We pay it
and try not to think about what it really costs us
to live in this state in the HOT months
We look forward to winter
when the rest of the country is shelling out the dough
to stay warm--
and we won't even turn on the heat--
hopefully that will make up for the chunk
we just paid to get the AC fixed.
Man it feels good to be cool--
especially faced with the alternative--
especially since mother nature
turned up the heat on us this week.

So with this being said
I could be a glass half empty girl and gripe about
the many frustrations of the week
The house AC going out
the van AC going out
the little green cars battery going out
My cell phone going out without me--
and the ultimate injury--
our washer not working
but instead i will dwell
on the good

first and foremost---
the fact that my husband has not yelled
gotten upset--
(did i say yelled?)
at me for another cell phone mishap.
(the loss was helped along by little man--remember that)
he even went online to order me another one!
(hopefully i will have it next week--
again I am without phone #'s)
He fixed the washer--
saving me a day waiting for the repair man.
The fact that he took care of getting the AC fixed
and casually mentioned the amount it cost to me
as if it were no big deal.
The fact that instead of letting me push start my car
for the rest of the week
He got the battery changed out
and it will start for me when i need it today!
And i do believe the van is on his proverbial list--

Things are good--
we are blessed--
even amidst lifes frustrations-

"Every moment one lives is different
from the other.
The good,
the hardship,
the joy,
the tragedy,
love and happiness
are interwoven into one single,
indescribable whole that is called
Jackie Kennedy Onassis

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Melanie said...

um, when it rains it pours? I guess I should post about my bad day last week but it doesn't really compare, no it pales in comparison like to a very pale pink:) Glad your still smiling. Amazing what some cool air can do to make you smile.