Thursday, September 25, 2008

International eats

We all know that
i love food.
I love all sorts of different food--
I grew up eating everything and anything.
My mom had a cooking school
and our dining room was her test kitchen.
When she was developing a new class
we would get to try many different recipes
of a particular dish--looking for the best one.
On any given night we might have Borscht--
or Spanish Pie-e-a(don't know how to spell it but sound it out like it is spelt)
On those nights
we were allowed to give our opinion
as to the quality of the recipe--
So it taught me to open to anything
and i am willing to try just about anything....once--

I love the adventure of finding a new restaurant.
Trying something NEW--
stepping out of my comfort zone---
So, when a International Eats group started with the woman at church
I was IN!!!
Sisterhood and Food--what a great idea!
I was very surprised at the ladies that did come out--
some i expected, others.....not so much.
I know that for a number of the ladies
it was a REAL stretch of their comfort zone.
I have to give them credit for trying something new!

So the restaurant that we went to was an
Ethiopian Restaurant called Cafe Lailabella
I don't know about you--
but my thoughts about Ethiopia is
bloated stomachs.
When i left there that night after feasting--
I too had a bloated stomach.
I ate soooo much.
It was very yummy--
some spicy--some not so spicy.

Now as far as visual appeal went-- not so much.
This platter was supposed to be for 3 people--
we shared with 5 and still had a bunch of food left over
(this is my friend---We like to call her Hollow leg Liz)

I had to tell myself it was like pot roast--
(especially since someone said it looked like dog food)
Utensils were not an option--
everything is eaten with a sour dough crepe like bread thingie.

Someone got the idea that i knew about different restuaurants--
so i got put in charge of the group.
We are going to go to a Vietnamese Restuarant next--
If anyone has a good haunt that they really like
that is outside the comfort zone--
let me know--
I am always up for a field trip

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