Monday, September 15, 2008

Speech in the swimming pool

A few months back
I started taking little man
to his SLP's house for Speech.
Specifically so he could swim with her.
He has loved it
He has looked forward to it each week

Even though it is still warm during the days
it is cooling off at night
which means the pool is cooling off--
it is starting to NOT feel like that great of an idea these days.

This little boy has looked forward to this each week
with great anticipation.
He loves the time in the pool
He will find his swim diaper at the house
and start begging me to take him swimming.

This in not your normal speech therapy
but i have seen such improvement since he has been doing it.
Just forming your mouth to blow bubbles--
(Kathy has gotten really good at it)

and so has Little man

Breath control--important in language
and then we get random words as he is playing

but more important that anything else
is the relationship that he has with her
He loves Kathy--loves seeing her each week.

She is like a family member
with all of our family--
I mean would a stuffy normal SLP put up with this?

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