Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Arizonans test of Faith

To rain or not to rain
that is the question?

Supposedly the monsoon season is supposed to be over.
And yet we have been having clouds
along with random drops
falling from the sky--
usually not enough to actually count--
but just enough to make your car
a mess.

And then the humidity.....
I know I am not the only Arizonan
that is wanting summer to be over.
It has been fun--
but enough already....

We are no different than other parts of the country
that endure the long winter weather--
(only we don't have to shovel sunshine.)

But there comes a point where you begin to go stir crazy.
You begin to wonder if you will ever be able to turn off your A.C.
you wonder if you will ever be able to wear socks again--
or even long sleeve shirts.

Or how about leaving a door open--
or getting fresh air through a window.
It is a test of our FAITH
to believe that it will eventually cool down.

It has still been dark when i have gotten up this week--
I think that is a sign that winter is coming?
I wouldn't exactly call it cool--yet
but it is cooler--
which means that not as HOT for as LONG
these days--

At this point in the year
my mantra is this
Winter is coming.....
winter is coming....
it is cooling down....
I figure if i say it often enough
it will eventually come true.

Isn't that what FAITH is
believing in things unseen?
And if you have lived in AZ you know that
we have not seen (felt) the cool for awhile....

I am ready...
I am waiting....
I will continue to practice FAITH--
in the hopes that it will pay off
and will eventually cool off.

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