Monday, September 29, 2008


HMMMM--what to write about
Today started early
I am currently sitting
which is what you do in a
waiting room.
It is funny how others wait--
no-one acknowledging anyone else
all in our own little waiting worlds.
When the door opens
we all turn and see
if we are the lucky one to get called up
like we are winning a prize
that we are the lucky one
to be done with the waiting
and get to retrieve our loved one--
or wait again as the case may be-
wait for the doctor
to tell us all is well
(me, crossing my fingers that that is the case)

One thing i have noticed is peoples
patience levels
VARIES immensely!
A woman sat next to me
and the vibes she was sending out
were enough to poison the room
just those snide remarks under her breath
and she wasn't even the person going in for the procedure--
she was the waiter--
As far as i am concerned it is too early in the day
to gripe that much--
How many things could have gone wrong already?

Actually have you ever noticed
that you can be having a perfectly good day
and it only takes one person
and their foul mood
to alter your day--
change your mood.
I have had a day like that recently
where early on
someone elses ranting
could have ruined my day
and it was early.
I let it fester for a time
and then i had to let it go--
why was i going to let someone elses
(someone else i didn't even know)
mood ruin my day?

So here it is
plain and simple
Life is too short to constantly be complaining--
we can determine how we want our day to go--
we can't change those around us--
but we can change us--

"If you don't like something change it.
If you can't change it,
change your attitude.
Don't complain."
Maya Angelou

Here is to a good (but busy) week--
I will try to limit my complaining!

P.S. I was the lucky one called up--
My moment of waiting is over--
saw the doctor and all is well
Nothing to complain about.

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