Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clean Hands

Since my son has turned 16
i have had the blessing
of hearing him bless the sacrament.

It has really made me think
about the hands that prepare the sacrament
and this sacred ordinance
that we have these young boys do for us.

The term
"clean hands"
has really been on my mind.
Have they washed their hands?
Did my son clip his nails?
But more important than the physical cleanliness
of their hands
is the spiritual cleanliness of those hands.
Are they living their lives
and doing those things
that leave them with
Clean Hands?

Years ago--
I had a dear friend
who came from a good family
who were trying their best
to help their kids
live on the straight and narrow path.
This friend of mine
used his free agency
and made many choices
that were not good--
and did not bring him happiness.

During this time
before his choices were out in the open
he stopped blessing the sacrament.
Later on he told me
that he had such a respect for the priesthood
and the sacredness of his job
that he did not want his
Unclean hands
to perform this sacred duty.
I respected him for his decision
for the respect he held for his priesthood
For the fact he had a conscience
when it came to his priesthood duties.

It is a honor and a blessing
that my son has been given--
i only hope that he continues to realize it.
And that he continues to live his life in such a manner
that he can come to that sacrament table each week
with a clear conscience
for the things he is doing and saying.
And that when he blesses the sacrament
it will be always be with
clean hands and a pure heart.
Psalms 24:4

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